Next EARLI SIG15 conference

Conference Theme

The next EARLI SIG15 conference will be held in Ghent, Belgium, on September 22-23 2022. Currently, we aim for a full ‘face to face’ meeting in Monasterium Poortackere, a former 19th century monastery. We hope to see all of you in Ghent next September!

A village to teach a child. The influence of contextual factors on learning and development

The development of children is in the hands of many: the child itself, parents, teachers and other professionals, and even policy makers. If we want to fully understand the learning and development of our children at school and support them when and where (most) needed, we need to pay attention to the influence of these contextual factors and their interrelationships. In this conference, we will therefore highlight the role of contextual factors:

  • How does parental involvement contribute optimally to the education of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?
  • Which teacher-child interactions create a classroom context in which the cognitive and socio-emotional development of children can thrive?
  • How do peers influence the learning and development of children with SEN?
  • How does the school climate affect the learning process of the children?
  • Which societal and policy trends will shape children’s learning and development in the near future?
  • How does the use of educational digital technology influence the learning of SEN?

We hope to welcome you in Ghent!

The organisers of the EARLI SIG15 2022 meeting,

Petra Warreyn (Ghent University)

Dieter Baeyens (KU Leuven)

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